Movie Quotes from Wanderers, The: Quotes from the movie Wanderers, The

–Who we fighting?
–The Baldies!

–Who wrote this?
–You did.

…spearchucker. I’ll chuck a spear up your ass!

…wanderer special on two…break!!!

All Men Are Created Equal.

Did you ever see ‘The Hustler’? Good enough for Paul Newman, good enough for you.

don’t fuck with the wongs

Don’t fuck with the wongs!

I hear my mother calling me. I’m thirsty fellas I think I’m gonna get a coke.

Leave the kid alone!

Richie! Richie!

Rock ‘n’ Roll, how’s about cock ‘n’ roll!

They look like pricks with ears!

They’re here! Who? Duckie boys.

They’re hers! Who? Duckie boys.

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