Movie Quotes from Walk on the Moon, A: Quotes from the movie Walk on the Moon, A

–Are you and Daddy gonna get a divorce?
–I don’t know, baby. Sometimes things happen between people that make it impossible for them to stay together.

–I went to Woodstock.
–You went to Woodstock?
–Was it groovy?

–What’s he do?
–He’s a salesman.
–A salesman, that’s great. What does he sell?
–Blouses? He’s a blouseman. You’re screwing a blouseman. Jesus, Pearl, why not screw the dressman? At least then you’d get a whole outfit.

1-My mother says you’re corrupting me. 2- That’s what friends are for.

Look, hippies.

The blouseman fixed me up with some adolphs!

There’s no such thing as a nice sixteen-year-old boy.

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