Movie Quotes from Waking Ned Devine: Quotes from the movie Waking Ned Devine

1) He’s in there talkin to the man from the lotto right now. 2) Michael’s never told a lie in his life. 1) Well he’s makin up for it now!

1) Jackie, how will we know the man from the lotto? 2) He sneezes

1. Have we won?!
2. No, but it got my apple tart over here, din’t it?

1. Have we won?!?
2. No, but it got my apple tart over here, din’t it?

Aww Fin i’d marry ya today if it waznt for the pigs

Fisherman’s blues.

I’ve been using some fruity soaps, Maggie.

Im sorry maggie, im gay

Maggie, will ya marry me?

Michael O’Sullivan was my great friend. But I don’t ever remember telling him that. The words that are spoken at a funeral are spoken to late for the man who’s dead. What a wonderful thing it would be to visit your own funeral. To sit at the front. To hear what was said. Maybe to say a few things yourself. Michael and I grew old together. But at times, when we laughed, we grew younger. If he were here now, if he could hear what I say, I would congratulate him on being a great man. And thank him for being a friend.

michael…michael o’sullivan–are ya’a millionaire?
**Now, jackie, would I spend me time sittin’ on this oul’ beach if I were a millionaire?
**ahhh, I believe ya would!

Ned! I brought ya a chicken dinner!

The golden goose.

The parting glass.

There will be cursing in heaven tonight, Ned Devine.

Watch yourself, he might bite again.

You slipped on his intestines!

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