Movie Quotes from Wait Until Dark: Quotes from the movie Wait Until Dark

–And, you, what’s your favorite toy?

–Since when can Lisa type?
–Since never…Come on.

–What do we do?
–What you always do, Mr. Talman, lie and cheat and play-act.

1. Help, Help! 2. I’ll help you, Susy. (Lights go out)


And then, topsy turvy. Me tospy and them turvy.

Damn it, you act as if you’re in kindergarten! This is the big bad
world, full of mean people. Where nasty things happen!

Gloria, I know you’re there.

I can not negotiate in an atmosphere of mistrust.

I cannot negotiate in an atmosphere of mistrust.

I won’t give it to you!

I’ supposed to be learning total self-sufficiency.

If you only said please.

It’s got to be in this safe.

It’s too cops and robbers.

Mr. Roat, are you looking at me?

Now may we have weapons on the table?

This is some day for a schlep out to Asbury Park.

Well, she was trepassing, Mike…poaching…going into business for herself. Bad news.

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