Movie Quotes from Wag the Dog: Quotes from the movie Wag the Dog

#1 Why Albania?
#2 Why not?
#1 What have they ever done to us?
#2 What have they ever done FOR us? I mean What do YOU know about them?
#1 Nothing. . .
#2 See? they keep to themselves . . .shifty . . .untrustable

(1) Albania, Albania…(2) that rhymes.

(1)John Belushi?, Jim Belushi? (2) what about him? (1) he’s Albanian. (2) Jim Belushi is Albanian? (1) surest thing you know

(1)The man fucked a girl scout (2) a firefly girl (1)the man fucked a firefly girl

(Sung to the ture, Ballad of the Green Beret)…the brave men of the three-O-three!

–I bet you’re great at chess.
–I would be if I could remember how all the pieces moved.

–The President will be a hero. He brought peace.
–But there was never a war.
–All the greater accomplishment.

…..I need a song….a song…about a shoe, a shiny shoe…….an old shoe……

1: Because he brought peace to our nation. 2: But there was no war. 1: All the greater accomplishment.

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

Albania’s hard to rhyme.

Anybody want a beer? ‘Cause I could party.

bring me my veggie shake

Do your job…the plane is sick!

He’s riding around in a pick up truck with a shotgun and a dog. Ha ha!!

I hate it when they start meddling

I was just on my was to get drunk.

If it leaks…you leaked it.

It’s like a plumber: if you do it OK, nobody notices, if you fuck up, it gets full of shit.

the 303 burger with cheese..behind enemy lines or anytime.

The Fad King!

This is how a Hollywood producer lives?

This is nothing!

This is nothing! Try shooting with 3 Italian starlettes wacked out on benzadrine and grappa, this is nothing!

When it’s cooking, it’s cooking.

You can’t have a war without an enemy.

You know, you can’t save the world. All you can do is try.

You want me to produce your war?

Young Actress: Can I put this on my resume? Producer: No.

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