Movie Quotes from Virtuosity: Quotes from the movie Virtuosity

(android bartender)You look mighty parched pardner! (Sid 6.7) To think, you constitute one of my ancestors. I’m vaguely offended by that. (Shoots android)

(knock knock)
SID 6.7: Oh Karen!! hehe.. Mommys here! hehehahaha

I just gonna do a little performance piece with your partner. I’ll be back to do my solo with you.

I’m a fifty terra-byte self-evolving neural network double back-flip off the high platform…I’m not a swan dive.

I’m beautiful.

You can only ask yourselves, what kind of lunatic would commit such an unthinkable crime? Three adjectives which best describe this killer are sadistic, intelligent, and dangerous.

You’re starting to lose your sense of humour.

Be quite Sheila!

Colon…parenthesis. Smiley face. People used to sign on their e-mails with that.

It’s a new world, Daryl.

Just because I carry around the joy of killing your family inside me, dosen’t mean we cant be friends.

Killing for real gave me such a…rush.

This one’s for you Parker.

Uh, uh, uh. I already thought of that one too. Faster!

Which God would that be? The one that created you or the one that created me? You see in your world, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, but in my world the one that gave me life doesn’t have any balls.

[Giggles]You know I could’ve killed you just now, but what the hell, I love to play.

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