Movie Quotes from View from the Top, A: Quotes from the movie View from the Top, A

1) Assess the window! It’s good to go! Drop! Drop! Remove your shoes! Do not take anything with you! 2) 11 seconds, that’s a new trainee record!

1)Donna, did I ever tell you about a nasty habit we flight attendants pick up? 2)No, what is it? 1)We keep smiling, even when we’re out of Bloody Mary mix.

1)Excuse me, can I borrow this chair? 2)Yeah, sure…hey! Ted! Oh my God! I’m great! Oh, you didn’t ask me how I was.

1)Hi, Dana. 2)It’s Donna 1)OK, sure. Hi, Mary. 3)It’s Christine. 1)OK, sure.

1)Why do you want to work for Sierra? 2)Well, for the all the travel excitement… 1)We fly to Fresno, Laughlin… 2)And Bakersfield twice a week!


Cleveland is just like this big waiting room, so now we’ll have to think of something to occupy our time.

Donna: Hey, i got that new dress you like. Want to watch me change?

Donna: That is Bullass!

Donna: Your breaking up with me? IN A BIRTHDAY CARD!? Boyfriend: well they dont make brakin up cards…

Everybody’s got to start somewhere.

He must have pushed that call button about 20 times. More warm nuts, more warm nuts! No man alive could eat that many warm nuts. Then I noticed the pile of warm nuts under his seat and I realized it wasn’t the nuts he wanted — it was me!

Howdy! Welcome aboard!

I want my hot towel, i want my little booties and i want my warm nuts! You call these warm nuts? I’ve felt warmer nuts on a polar bear!

John Whitney: On a more personal note, I have felt the nuts of a polar bear. Quite toasty warm.

Myers: Does anything frighten you?
Preston: Oh, you mean the Eye?

Our motto is big hair, short skirts, and service — with a smile.

She’s probably stealing us blind! She probably has a closet full of Royalty property: blankets, booze, Kosher meals!

So I quit my job at Big Lots, and considered becoming a alcoholic.

The waiting room was my life before I met you.

Up, up, and away.

When your dealing with a DP, or disgruntled passenger, just remember HALTS. They are hungry, angry, lonely, tired and have a skewed vision of the world. So, hungryangrylonelytiredskewed…vision.

You girls are in Dorm…C. That’s a fun one. Yah.

you put the wrong emphasis on the wrong sylable

You’re just a small town girl, you belong here.

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