Movie Quotes from Valley Girl: Quotes from the movie Valley Girl

–So, you wanna dance?
–In another life!
–Yeah, I didn’t either. I was just taking a poll.


Girl’s, we must fuck him.

He’s like, totally trippin’-dicular, you know?

Its your fucking friends isnt it?
So fuck you…fuck off like for sure…like totally…

J:Randy, like why dont you wait until the end of the night to say these things..
R: its what i feel, its what i want..

Like fuck off…for sure…like totally…

My favorite color is magenta

Okay but when they attack the car…save the radio

That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless.

this stuff is so gross,all this stuff tastes like nothing,its supposed to be so good for you.

where do you want to go? anywhere. what do you want to do? i dont care

Who can it be now.

Who else is there? No other val dude can touch me.

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