Movie Quotes from Valentine: Quotes from the movie Valentine

1) I think you need to get your hand off my thigh. 2) Where would you like me to put it? 1) How about up your ass?

Adam’s not a drunk he’s a borderline addictive personality who happens to like alcohol a lot

Adam-I was just looking for you
Kate-What?I wasn’t at the bottom of the bottle?

All I can think is, if someone is that lonely and that angry, they can learn to hide it, but it never dies … it just stays there … and eats away at you … ’til one day you have to do something about it …

Dorothy Wheeler: When you are old enough to rent a car, we can talk about your role as my stepmother.

Er jason has some spinich in his teeth

Gary : You look great, Kate. How about a date, Kate? You could be my mate, Kate.
Kate : You’re scary, Gary.
Gary : This could be our fate, Kate.

He’s no Angel

I’m just the idiot who’s still waiting for a return on my internet investment.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. They’ll need dental records to identify you.

What did you call it?

Why is it that the one day of the year everyone is afraid to be alone is Valentine’s day?

You brought me upstairs to show me your penis? How sweet!

You know Jason I may not be a doctor yet but it’s my considered opinion that you seek psychiatric help.

Says you!

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