Movie Quotes from Used Cars: Quotes from the movie Used Cars

(1) We’ve got to fight fire with fire!
(1)Guys, we fighting fire with enhanced radiation.

…high inflation. What is the solution?

Aren’t you a little big to be playing in the f****ing mud?

Best salad bar in town…Airport Lanes

best salad bar in town…Airport Lanes.

Fifty bucks never killed anybody

Hi. Rudy Garcia.

Hi. Rudy Washington Carver.

I’ve just noticed something else. Mrs. Lopez, do you realized that your hair matches the color of these tires?

If I can build and install a pacemaker in this man’s chest, well I can damn well bounce a microwave off a satellite!

Is this a 1977 Mercedes 450 SL for $24,000?

It’s a 1972 Cadillac Coupe de Ville for $6299.

It’s a Lincoln Continental Mark IV, 1973. It’s loaded.

Maroon my ass….this mutha f**kers red!

No mam that’s yellow primer

Oh, just get in the muthafuckin’ car!

The mayor don’t know dick. You know that? He don’t know dick.

This circus idea is the best idea yet. I just hope that camel don’t shit on the f***kin lot.

This country is going to the dogs! You know, it used to be when you bought a politician, the son-of-a-bitch stayed bought!

Trust me.

Used cars.

Used to be when you bought a politician…..the son of a bitch stayed bought!

Used to be, when you bought a politician, the son of a bitch stayed bought.

We had nuns protesting here this morning. It got so bad Jim had to turn a fire hose on them.

Well you better not take too long kid (Rudy trying to sell a young kid a bike) I gotta an 8th grader lookin’ at it.

Were blowin’ the S*** out of these prices…Here’s a Mersecedes benz. Its hot, Its loaded and got a price thats too f*n high….(Kaboom!)

What’s the deal on this 57 Chev? For 1500 old man…she ought to run like a wet dream.


You’ve got to get their friendship. Get their confidence. Get their trust. Get their money.

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