Movie Quotes from Unmarried Woman, An: Quotes from the movie Unmarried Woman, An

–Do you want to see other men?
–Not today.

ah, the awesome sanctity of marriage

Balls, said the Queen, if I had them I’d be King.

Did you fall out of love with me, Erica, or with my flesh?

I want to know something. Did you fall out of love with my flesh, my body …or me, with Erica?

If he touches me I’ll break his arm.

If you liked it where it was, why did you ask me?

Maybe I should take valium.

Take a taxi.

Take me to your loft Charlie.

Was she a good lay?

You know whenever you put 50 artists together in one room, you get a really pleasant combination of gossip, paranoia, envy, fear, trembling, hatred, lust, and pretense. It’s, er, wonderful.

You know, since I started taking lithium, I feel more sensible than this month’s Good Housekeeping.

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