Movie Quotes from Unfaithfully Yours: Quotes from the movie Unfaithfully Yours

–Have you ever heard of Russian roulette?
–I used to play it all the time with my father.
–I doubt that you played Russian roulette all the time with your father!
–I must certainly did. You play it with two packs of cards and…
–That is Russian bank. Russian roulette is a very different sort of amusement, which I could only wish your father had play continuously before he had you.

–Remember, next week, China.
–I told you, no China.
–What? Shrugging off a whole continent. That’s 800 million people.
You get 200 million people to see you by mistake just because they are looking for a restaurant.

A thousand poets dreamed a thousand years, and you were born.

For me, Sir Alfred, there’s nobody handles Handel like you handle Handel.

I look but I don’t look. I walk but I don’t walk. I cook but I don’t cook.

I want to celebrate.

I was afraid of being a little loud, Sir Alfred.

One Love.

There is one very reassuring thing about airplanes. They always come down.

This is the sewer, the nadir of good manners.

You didn’t do anything you shouldn’t do while I was away, did you?

You have nothing to laugh about.

You see, some men just naturally make you think of brut champagne. With others, you think of prune juice.

Younger men are like fast food restaurants; it’s quick, but not all that good. But with you, it’s like dining in the most expensive restaurant in the world. Of course, the service may be a little slow.

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