Movie Quotes from Under the Rainbow: Quotes from the movie Under the Rainbow

Can you fwix bwoken bus? (pause) What kwind of bus? It’s bwack…

Come to Uncle Otto.

German agent: Did you say ‘the pearl is in the river’?
Japanese agent: No, I say: ‘pearl in liver’.
Duchess:Thank you, but I have already recovered it.

Goodbye Struedel.

Hotel Rainbow?

Look Streudel, the Hindenberg

Perfect!….A midget posee…..that’s what was missing.

Perfect!….A midget posse…..that’s what was missing.

The pole is in the river.

There’s always room Under the Rainbow.

There’s no dream too big. And no dreamer too small.

waitress in soda fountain asks little person would you like your nuts crushed? referring to his ordered ice cream soda…little person retorts would you like your tits twisted ?

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