Movie Quotes from Undefeated, The: Quotes from the movie Undefeated, The

–You went out there to talk. Why did you kill that man?
–Conversation just kinda dried up.

1) But why? We’re all Americans. 2) Yes Sir. That’s always been the saddest part.

1) Well, you can’t expect the United States Army to buy just any, old horse. 2) There ain’t ‘just any, old horse’ in that whole herd!

1) Where to, John Henry? 2) Short Grub, I’ve been tryin’ for four years to get you to call me ‘Sir.’ Now, it’s too late.

Colonel Thomas, one day, I’m gonna sit down and write the social history of bourbon.

Let’s taken ’em to Mexico!

Windage and elevation, Mrs. Langdon. Always remember, windage and elevation.

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