Movie Quotes from U-571: Quotes from the movie U-571

#1 The batteries dead. Whatever juice was left we used up when we manouvered. #2 What about the diesels? #1 The star boards a wreck. We need to dry dock to fix it. The port side diesles the good news. One of the crowds had a wretnch not, didn’t know a piston head from his sister’s tittie. I think I can fix it.

#1 We’re going to shoot him out like garbage? #2 His body is going to save our lives.

(in the bunks)1. I told you, she was hotter than Dorothy Lamour but she was good, like the kind of girl who wants to take you to a country club. 2. Yeah, like you ever been inside a country club! 1. Like I’d even want to, alright? So, what I do is I use my secret weapon, I tell him about the S-26, does the trick right away. 3. You don’t want to be talkin about that while we’re underway. 4. Why, what happened with the S-26? 1. You don’t know? (picks up egg) She was running a test dive down off Norfolk, shaft seal failed. She sunk to 400 feet. Know how much water pressure there is that deep?(squeezes egg till it breaks. All guys jump) 3. Mazzola, you gonna be the first one eating powdered eggs off this cruise, keep it up, you hear? (tosses him a napkin)

1) Sir , permission to abandon ship ? 2) Not yet

1) Tank, you all right? 2)Trigger drowned. 1) Kid never gave up, did he.

1. Mr. Tyler, I see a mast on the horizon. 2. Shit! That’s a Nazi destroyer!

1. You’re a first-rate XO, Andy, a damn good submariner. I know the men like you. 2. I’d give my life for any one of them, sir. 1. I know you would, I’m not questioning your bravery, but the question is what about their lives? You and Mr. Emmett are good friends, you went to the Academy together. Would you be willing to sacrifice his life? Or how about some of the younger enlisted men? You know those guys look up to you like a big brother. Would you be willing to sacrifice their lives? You see, you hesitate, but as a captain, you can’t. You have to act, and if you’re wrong, you suffer the consequences. If you’re not prepared to make those decisions, then you got no business being a submarine captain.

Boy, don’t go droppin’ my eggs!

Bye Mazzola.

Cheif take us to 200 metres. We’re going to get under these things. Cheif, take us to 200 metres.

do you know what the water pressure is like at 200 meters

Don’t you dare say what you said to the boys back there, again, I don’t know. Those three words will kill a boy the same as a depth charge.

Equalizing valves-HOLY SHIT-what’s what-I..I CAN’T EQUALIZE THE TUBES!

Fire right now or we die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get your finger off that trigger seaman Parker!!

He torpedoed me, Chief.

Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things in extraordinary times.

How ya doin? You’re number ten, there you go. Having a good night? Uh huh, well, you ain’t gonna be happy when you lose this boat, lucky number eleven. Let’s go! It’s your first time looking at a black man, ain’t it?

I didn’t get my boat.

I want to thank you for that liberty pass. My girl thanks you to.

I’m telling you, she was hotter than Dorothy Lamour and better built.

If this mission goes south, I will blow that boat right out of the

If you can’t get us out of this, the danger is not that some of us may die, but that some of us may live. These men have seen and heard things that must not be revealed to the enemy, such as our radar capabilities or understanding German encryption. If we fall into German hands, we will be tortured without mercy, so either you succeed in sinking that ship or you must see to it that none of us survive to be captured.

Mr Coonan, our boys are submarine sailors. Not combat marines.

Mr Tyler, please don’t tell the other guys I’m half German. They’ll hate me.

Mr. Hirsch, step away from that bulkhead. The shockwave from one of
these explosions could snap your spine.

Now you get in there and do your duty, Salior!

Oh, she’ll go all the way to the bottom if we don’t stop her. Normally we try not to get below 150 feet. Any deeper the leaks overwhelm the pumps. These S boats are antiques. Older than most of the crew.

Pornography and dirty letters stinking of french perfume, a bag of pure shit I should throw it overboard.

Swing you bastard, swing.

That’s one of the advantages of bein’ seen and not bein’ seen.

They wouldn’t give me five minutes to consummate my marriage. Five minutes!


This is not a God Damn Democracy!

This is not a goddamn democracy!

Tyler: Klar?…KLAR?! Wentz, what the hell is KLAR?!
Wentz: KLAR! Klar means clear! All the compartments are secure!
Tyler: White for green?
Wentz: White for green!

Tyler: sit tight, as far as he knows, were all playing on the same team! everybody wave!
Mazzola: wave? sir were sitting ducks, if we shoot first we can blow him out of the sky!!!
Tyler: and if we shoot and miss he’s gonna radio in our position! plus that planes the least of out problems.
Mazzola: this is crazy! your gonna get us killed!
( all watch plane turn back towards them )
Mazzola: he’s coming around! he’s coming around! its an attack! do somthing!
Tyler: shut up! rabbit egnore him!
Mazzola: DO somthing its coming right at us rabbit, do somthing.
Tyler: Acknoledge me steven parker! steven parker, im ordering you ,do not fire that weapon! get your finger off that trigger!!!!
Mazzola: pull the trigger, pull the trigger! were all gonna die!!! do it!!! DO IT!!!!!
(plane flyes over them and they all duck)
(mazzola gives rabbit a weird look)
(tyler grabs Mazzola and punches him)
tyler: this is not a god damn democracy!!!!!!
Trigger: sir! i see a mast on the horizon!

We commend his soul to God…and commit his body to the deep.

What the Hell are you doing huh!! This is NOT a God damn Democracy!

What were you sayin out there? The captain always knows what to do, even if he doesn’t!

What’s the matter, ain’t you ever seen a black man before? Get used to it!

What’s the matter, ain’t you ever seen a black man before? Get used to it.

Yeah I heard about what happened to you. That’s one of the advantages of being seen and not being seen. You’ll be surprised some of the things us mess stewards hear.

You’re going to do your job sailor.

You’re the skipper now. The skipper always knows what to do, whether he does or not.

Your going to go back down in that buldge…and your going to do your job salior!

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