Movie Quotes from Two for the Road: Quotes from the movie Two for the Road

1)How long is this going to go on? 2)For ever! For ever? How long is what going to go on? 1)You used to think I wasn’t ever serious. Now you’re never serious. 2)How long is what going to go on? 1)The pretense that we’re happy. 2)You’ve never pretended we were happy! So who’s pretending? 1)You are. That you want to stay with me. That we’re happily married. 2)Those are two entirely different things!

1)I hate these occasions. 2)I hate these occasions. You love these occasions. 1)I love you. 2)I love you.

1)There’ll never be anyone else like you in my life. 2)You promise? 1)I hope.

1)We agreed that before we were married we weren’t gonna have any children. 2) And before we were married we didn’t, ha ha!

1)What would you do if we got a divorce? 2)Cry. 1)Live for how long? 2)YOu want dates? I don’t know. Why should we get a divorce? 1)Or if I died. If I didn’t exist. 2)Look, if I hadn’t had chickenpox, I’d’ve had chickenpox.

1)What would you do if we got a divorce? 2)Cry. 1)Like for how long? 2)You want dates?

1.) what if I didn’t exist? 2.) then i will marry david, but you do exist!

And they never made it home for early tea.

Do you realize this is the first afternoon i spent a natural light in
over a year. By the time i get home from work it’s pitch black.

He: Bitch
She: Bastard

Howard, you’re the largest source of untapped natural gas known to man!

I aint much of a lover boy… i never saw no percentage in it.

I can’t, I’ve got sneakers on and things!

I still want a child; I just don’t want THAT child!

I was for two years at the University of Chicago.

I’m trying to picture you fat!

Mark: This camera only takes 3 dimensional pictures.
Joanna: I’m 3 dimensional as a matter of fact.

Marriage is when a woman asks a man to take off his pajamas, and it’s because she wants to send them to the laundry.

What couples just sit there like that and don’t say anything to each other?

Married couples.

What sort of people sit with each other at a restaurant without even thinking to talk to one another? Married people.

you don’t know what love is.
Bitch, Bastard

you go on and on about me leaving you but I always still here

You use to have hair then.

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