Movie Quotes from Two Can Play That Game: Quotes from the movie Two Can Play That Game

A man wants a woman in public and a freak in private.

Have you ever noticed during spring, say early summer, men start to act up a lil bit? Mmhmm they do. They don’t act up during the winter time, cause they wanna get that indoor activity goin on. But as soon as the season breaks, girl, they show their asses. It’s true. It happens ever year around spring, the breakup season. Time of year when women start wearing lil mini skirts, skimpy clothes lettin their lil stuff hang out. Causing men to lose their damn minds…

if he gives you his last

She got you laying out here like a two dollar crack ho waiting for your next hit.

The CIA ain’t got nothing on a woman with a plan.

Vulnerbility is the big dick of emotion

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