Movie Quotes from Twister: Quotes from the movie Twister

I was just wonderin’ why do you call Billy ‘The Extreme’?

(1)She work at the station, is that where you met her?

(2) Jo-

(3) What?

(4) I don’t want to fight.

(5) I’m not fighting, I’m talking.

(6) I don’t want to fight.

(1)You got full coverage on that truck?

(2) Liability only.

(3) ‘liability only’……’s a very pretty truck.

(4) Ha-ha, don’t even think about it……..NO WAY!!!

(Beltzer) Shit, shit. {Into radio} Hey, are you guys gonna wrap this up pretty soon?

(Bill) What?!!

(Beltzer) oh, nothin. I was just wonderin’ if we’re gonna chase this tornado, or if you just wanna catch the next one.

(Bill) Shit!

(Bill) Yes. She’s very nice. No, she doesn’t work at the station she’s, uh, she’s a therapist.

(Jo) Oh……….Yours?

(Bill) Christ!

(Jo) What?

(Bill) You couldn’t resist, could you?

(Jo) I’m not saying you need therapy!

(Bill) What?

(Jo) I’m not-

(Bill) WWWWait. I need therapy?!!!?

(Jo) I didn’t say that.

(Bill) I need a therapist?!

(Jo) I didn’t say that!

(Bill) What could I possibly need a therapist for?!

(Jo) I don’t know.

(Bill) You’re the doctor, tell me.

(Jo) I don’t know, um, in ability to finish things?

(Bill) Finish things?

(Jo) Rushing into things you can’t quite commit to-

(Bill) Commitment?!?!

(Jo) You asked me.

Bill: Look-

(Jo) You asked me!

Bill: No, that is bullshit! Look, I may have walked out,

(Jo) You asked-

(Bill) but at least I showed up in the first place! You never had the slightest idea

(Jo) Okay, there’s a whole road thing- coming on up here…

(Bill) about commitment and what being married means. Like stability, supportiveness, the house and all kinds of neat stuff like that-

(Jo) Can I drive?

Bill: No!!

(Jo) Then would you?

(Bill) Woha! Damn.

(Jo) Somebody should warn her about your temper.

(Bill) Jo, I swear-

(Jo) She obviously has no idea what she’s getting into-

(Bill) Stay the hell out of it.

(Jo) You know.

(Bill) I know exactly what I’m doing.

(Jo) What exactly-

(Bill) What am I doing?

(Haynes) I think they’re getting better at this.

(Jo) If you have to pee you should do it now, ‘cuz there’s not many places to stop once we get on the road.

(Melissa) You’re still in love with him, aren’t you? Not that I blame you. I just hope this isn’t some desperate attempt to keep him in your life.

(Jo) She’s nice.

(Bill) HAH!

(Jo) Uh-oh, she’s not nice?

(Bill) I know what you meant.

(Jo) You do?

(Bill) Yes, so don’t, don’t do this.

(Jo) Okay, I’m making extremely civilized conversation here. You’re biting my head off. Jesus.

(Jo) You know what? As long as you’re happy-

(Bill) Thank you! I am happy! I’m a happy person. I’m happy with my life. I’m happy with the way things are going in my life. I happy with…with, with-

(Jo) Melissa.

(Bill) I know her name! Yes, I’m happy with Melissa. I am!

(Jonas) She’s insane. {Into radio}You’re insane Jo! What are you trying to do, get somebody killed?!!

(Jo) Oh, really Jonas? It was so nice of you to stop back there and make sure we were all right!!! IT WAS VERY CONSIDERATE OF YOU,HOW COULD YOU SEE TEN PEOPLE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND NOT STOP?!!!

(Bill) Okay, okay, okay, okay!!! Keep the channel clear……

(Jo) Dirtbag.

(Jonas) You know, Jo, I don’t know what the matter is with Bill. I mean, he’s wacko, he’s crazy! You ought to keep a leash on him.

(Jo) He’s not my problem, he’s yours.

(Melissa) Donald, this feeling of inadequacy is normal for you, Julia doesn’t resent you. We talked about this before. She did not marry your penis…….. Oh, okay, she didn’t only marry your penis.

(Melissa) I’m goin’ back.

(Bill) Good, good, you’ll be safe at the motel. I’ll see you in the morning.

(Melissa) I won’t be there.

(Bill) What? Why? What are you saying?

(Melissa) I’m saying goodbye.

(Melissa) No, I’m not okay! This is not okay! Okay?

(Bill) Aw, Christ…I’m sorry. Honey, I didn’t think.

(Melissa)You know when you used to tell me you chased tornadoes? Deep down, I always thought it was a metaphor!

(Melissa){Into Phone}I know it feels unnatural but with Donald’s motility, you’re not gonna have this baby the old-fashioned way. Even if you stand on your head.

(Bill)She’s a…reproductive therapist.

(Woman) Cow!******(Moo!)*****Another cow! (Man) Actually I think it was the same one.

1) Hey there, you change your mind?

2) Yeah, what’s Jonas doin’ here?

3) I’m not sure. But I bet he’s asking himself the same question about you.

1) How do you get it in the tornado?

2) Well, you got to get in front of the tornado and put it in the damage path. And then get out again before it picks you up too.

1) I said weatherman, I think it’s great.

2) How come you had that tone?

3) There was no tone if you have a problem being a weatherman.

4) I don’t have a problem being a weatherman!

1) Jo come back 2) hey there you change your mind? 2) yeah what’s Jonas doing here? 1) i’m not sure..but i bet he’s asking himself the same question about you

1) Jo! Bill! It’s comming! It’s headed right for us! 2) It’s already here!

1) OK I’ll go but I’m gonna drive myself 2)Honey, your car is in a tree around the corner. 1) awwwww!!

1) The days of sniffin’ the dirt are over. 2) [muttering] Better than what YOU sniff…

1) There’s a cow. There’s another one.
2) No, actually i think that was the same one.

1) Um, see, we were looking at the map, and we’re all pretty tired, you know. 2) No. 1) Well, we couldn’t help but notice how close we were to Wakita… 2) No. 3) Aw, come on… 2) We are not invading my aunt. 1,3,4,5&6) Food!

1) You’ve got a very pretty truck 2) Don’t even think about it

1)God Meg, you got a lot of beef. Where do you get all this beef? 2) Did you see my cows out front? 1) No. 2) Oh…

1)He didn’t keep up his end of the bargain. 2)What was that? 1)To spend his life pining for you and die miserable and alone. 2)Is that so much to ask?

1)I’ll go to the hospital, but I’ll drive myself. 2)Honey, your car is in a tree around the corner.

1. He’s going to rue the day….imminent rueage…

1. Debris! Dusty we have Debris! 2.Debris?

1. Hey, you fashionably late again, Jonas? Fashionably late, huh? Give me a kiss, baby.(leans over and kisses the driver, much to driver’s dislike)2. Get outta here, get outta here! 1. Loser! 3.Why don’t you go find your own twister, buddy? 1.LOSER! MOVE ON!

1. Why didn’t you tell me? 2. Bill, don’t! 3. And what would soon be the center of all study…(hat gets knocked off and fighting), HEY, HEY, HEY! 1. YOU SON OF A BITCH, WHAT, YOU THINK I WASN’T GOING TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS, HUH? 3. Get this loser off me! 1. WHAT’S YOUR MALFUNCTION, MAN? 3. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? 1. YOU STOLE MY DESIGN, YOU SON OF A BITCH! 3. WHAT THE HELL YOU TALKIN ABOUT? 1.(snarling) Dorothy! You took her, you DAMN THIEF! 3. Oh, I get it, you wanna take credit for my design, is that right? 1. you’re a liar, she was our idea and you know it. 3.(smirking) Unrealized idea, unrealized. 1. THAT AIN’T WORTH SHIT! (fighting starts again) 2. Guys, guys, guys, all my guys get a grip on yourself, we both know he’ll never get that thing up in the air. 3. Well let me enlighten you people, this baby has satellite comlink, we got on-board pulse doppler, we got nexrad real time, today, we’re gonna make history so stick around cuz your days of sniffing the dirt are over. 4. Better than what you sniff! 3. Oh, by the way, I really enjoy your weather reports! 1. YOU SLIME! I AIN’T THROUGH WITH YOU YET! COME HERE! COME ON, GET YOUR HANDS OFFA ME, OK! 4. He’s a corporate kissbutt, man. 2. I’m sorry you had to see that. 1. one day, i’ll give you one day, whether she flies or not, I’m gone.

1. You’ve never seen it miss this house and miss that house, then come after you. 2. Jo, is that what you think it did? 1. I don’t know. 2. Geez, Jo, why can’t you forget it? 1. You don’t understand, ok? You’ll never know. 2. When is it going to be enough, huh? How close do you have to get? Talk to me! Jo, things go wrong, you can’t explain it, you can’t predict it, killing yourself won’t bring your dad back! I’m sorry he died but it was a long time ago, you gotta move on, stop living in the past and look what you got right in front of you. 1. What are you saying? 2. Me, Jo.

1.) cow. 2.) I gotta go we got cows! 1.) another cow 3.) Actually I think that was the same cow

1.)Do we follow? 2.) We do not.

1.ITS THE EXTREME! THE EXTREME! 2.Ah,man,dont start that shit.

1/ Wow!! Look at that sky!!!
2/ No thanks, I think I’ve seen enough for today

1: Are you mad? 2: I’ll be mad later. Right now I’ll try not to kill us.

1: You know, during a lightning storm you should grab your ankles and stick your butt in the air. 2: He’s right, it’s the safest orface.

1:It’s coming.. It’s heading straight for us! 2: It’s already here…

2:He’s gonna rue the day. Dude, he’s gonna rue the day he up against The Extreme, baby.
1: Here, here.
2: I’m talking immanent rueage. Immanent rueage.

C.E.: The days of sniffing the dirt are over.
P.S.H.: Better than what you sniff!

a manly handshake insues

AD LINE: *The Dark Side of Nature*

Beltzer:Are you going to wrap this up pretty soon?Bill:What!Beltzer,Aw,nothing.I’m just wondering if we’re going to chase this tornado or do you want to catch the next one?Jo:Beltzer is it on the ground?Easy,easy,easy!

Boy oh boy. New job, new truck, new wife……{Sarcastically}It’s like a whole new you!

Child in time.

Debris! Dusty we have debris!!

Debris, we have debris!!

Donald, she did not marry you for your penis. Okay, she didn’t only marry you for your penis. Put your wife back on. You’re not going to have this baby the old fashioned way…even if you stand on your head.

Dude, you takin’ the vows? That’s sweet!

Dusty-LoOooOoOoOoser!….MoOoOoOoove On!…..

Dusty: So, what was it like? Jo: Windy.

Dusty: Hey, man. What’s up?

Bill: Goin’ green.

Dusty: Greenage.

Focus mount’s jammed. There’s grass in the auto-focus, did you check this? You have to check it.

God, he really does love himself. I thought it was just a summer thing.

Guys: FOOD! FOOD! Jo: We are absolutely not going.

He really is in love with himself. I thought it was just a summer thing.

Here! These pipes go down at least 30 feet. We anchor to ’em, we might have a chance!

Honey, this is a tissue of lies. See there was another Bill, an evil Bill– and I killed him!


I got to find this road…It’s like Bob’s road.

I got to go, we got cows!

I gotta go – we got cows!

I have to go, Julia. We’ve got cows!

I know how to make Dorothy fly.

I think were going iin!

Is there and F5? What would that be like? The finger of God. None of you have ever seen an F5? Just one of us.

Jesus, Jo, why can’t you just forget it? Sorry he died but was a long time ago. You gotta move on. Stop living in the past and look what you’ve got right in front of you. (J): What are you saying? (B): Me Jo.

Jo, oh Jesus, Jo it looks to hit Wakita head on!!

Jo: you got full coverage on that truck?
Bill: Liability only
Jo: it’s a very pretty truck

Jo: Can I drive?
Bill: No.
Jo: Then would you?

Jo: Cow. (pause) ‘Nother cow.
Bill: Actually I think that was the same one.

Jo: He really is in love with himself. I thought it was just a summer thing.

Jo: So, you want the papers?

Bill: I did drive all the way out here for them.

Jo: They’re signed and ready.

Bill: Good, good. Let’s see them.

Jo: What, you need ’em right this second?

Bill: Well, It’d be nice.

Jo: What’s the urgent urgency, you act like you’re getting married-

Bill: I am.

Jo: you never seen it miss this house miss that house and come after you

Jo:You’ve never seen it miss this house, miss that house, and come after you!
Billy: Jesus jo, is that what you think it did!

Jo; You got insurance on that truck? Bill; Liability only. Jo; Thats a very pretty truck.

Joe: Cow. Melissa: I have to go Julia, we have Cows. Joe: another cow. Bill: No, I think that was the same one.

Jonas Miller. He’s a nightcrawler. We all started out in the same lab, but Jonas went out and got himself some corporate sponsors. He’s in it for the money, not the science. He’s got a lot of high-tech gadgets, but he’s got no instincts. And he doesn’t have Dorothy.

Jonas. Sun of a bitch.

Jonas: Oh, and by the way, I really enjoy your weather reports!

Jonas: No, I was just curious as to which way you were going to head.

Jo: Southeast, I think…… the counter.

Jonas: When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you.

julie did not marry your penis…ok she didn’t only marry your penis.

Looks like their gonna intercept

LOOSER MOOOOOOOVE ON!(and again and again)

Love Affair.

Meg’s gravy is almost a food group.

Meg’s gravy is famous. It’s practically a food group.

Meg: Okay, I’ll go, but I’m gonna drive myself.
Rabbit: Honey, your car is in a tree around the corner.

Melissa: Is there such a thing as an F5? What would that be like?
Dusty: The finger of God.

Moments like this.

No one needs to know.

Oh, don’t worry about me. I know my way home.

Okay, about a mile up there’s a little detour we’re gonna take a little walk in the woods!

rabbit is good…rabbit is wise


Bill: I’M NOT BACK!!!!!!

Random Quotes
I think were going in!! (bill)
Cow (Jo) Nother Cow (Jo) Actually I think that was the same cow (Bill)

Red meat, we crave sustenance!

Respect the wind.

See the sky again.

She ain’t coming back.

she’s a…reproductive therapist

Someone should warn her about your temper.

That guy really is in love with himself. I thought it was just a summer thing.

That’s no moon- that’s a SPACE STATION!

The dark side of nature.

The Prodigal Son Returns

The suck zone is the point in which the twister sucks you up……an, and that, that’s not that technical term of course.

The suck zone. The point basically at which the twister sucks you up.

There’s a crease down Whichita….Roll the map.

They say if lightning is going to strike you should grab your ankles and stick your ass in the air. If you’re going to be struck by lightning, it’s the safest orifice.

They’re in the birdcage! Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Melissa, look at this!!! Take a peek!!! You can really feel it with a telephoto lens!!!

This is the caboose, this is the caboose! I’m waiting for orders, Boss!


We’ve got sisters!

Well let me enlighten you people

Well let me enlighten you people! This baby has satellite comlink. We’ve got on-board pulse Doppler, we’ve got NEXRAD real time. Today, we’re gonna make history. So stick around. {Jo lifts an eyebrow contemptuously}Cuz’ the days of sniffin’ the dirt are over.

Well, you see. There was another Bill, an evil Bill, and I killed him.

What do you know, the storm chasers.

What the hell.. Bill, Joe, the-the-the thing was stable, a-an-and then it’s gone!

what’s behind the bush?? Brick wall? Bearded lady??

When you said you chased tornadoes, I thought that was just a metaphor

Where’s my truck? (the truck falls out of the sky and lands just behind them with a crash) Oh. There it is.

Would you like me to drive?
Then would you?

Yeah, well Kansas is a mess, there’s a big crease right through Wichita-{Demonstrating}Roll the maps

Yeah…I’d like to get hit by lightning just once, y’know, to see what it’s like.

You just missed the truck! Awesome! IT’S AWESOME!!!{

You know if these cells keep building like this we could have a record outbreak of tornadoes

You slaughter your own cows, Meg! Nice.

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