Movie Quotes from Twelve O´Clock High: Quotes from the movie Twelve O´Clock High

(at the mission brief) OK Gentlemen, this is a big one……(from the crowd) Germany!!… You got it.

.. and if a bombadier can’t hit his plate with his fork – you get him; if a navigator can’t find the mens room then -you get him; And paint this name on your aircraft – The Leper Colony.

Don’t make any plans for after the war, consider yourselves already dead.

Harvy you old fud, I won’t have you up there getting hirt… Did you hit anyting? Sir, I think I got a piece of one. THERE’s or OURS?!

He is in the Pacific shooting down Japs and getting shot down himself; but where is his son. Sir, there is a rumor that he is home in the Air National Guard, missing meetings and dodging his flight physical.

How do I know who you are? You not wearing you shirt.

I’m a retread. I had my shot at combat in the first war. I guess they thought I was to old for combat this time, so now I fly a desk.

Padre, your area of expertise is sin and from now on you will confine your activities to that theater of operation.

Sir, I believe he’s someplace getting drunk.

Sir, I’m a lawyer by trade. I’d like to think I’m a good one. When a lawyer takes on a client, he believes in his case. That’s all that matters. When I came over here, I took on my biggest client, the 918th. I want my client to win its case. Does that answer you question?

That’s tought coming from a Medal of Honor man….Well sir, I did shoot down the Red Baron.

We’ve got to fight.

We’ve got to fight. And some of us have got to die.

We’ve got to fight. And some of us have got to die. If someone thinks they have a special hide that needs saving, I don’t want him in this group. *Sir, what about Pvt Ryan?*

You red tape adjutants are all alike… Harvey there could be trouble in this. * I don’t think so sir. I never heard of a jury convicting the lawyer.

You red tape people are all alike.

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