Movie Quotes from Tuxedo, The: Quotes from the movie Tuxedo, The

1) And if I were you, I’d get rid of the mildew on the chin.
2) My soulpatch?

1) Is that your happy face or your horny face?
2) I’ll tell you later.

1) You say you know feelings. Tell me: how do I feel? *makes sad face*
2) Sick.
1) Sad! How about now? *makes mad face*
2) Constipated.
1) *makes another face*
2) Creepy.
1) Horny!

every1 out ther that with me wathc out bc im jonny dealil

Life’s a bitch.

Never touch my tuxedo.

That’s definitely not a rental.

The name’s Tong. James Tong.

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