Movie Quotes from Tuck Everlasting: Quotes from the movie Tuck Everlasting

(1) I can’t swim.(2) You’re joshing me!(1) I wish I were.(2) So, you’re afraid you’ll drown right? Swallow too much water, sink to the bottom and die!(1) Thank you for putting it so vividly, and yes, considering I’d sink like a rock, drowning is a fair concern!(2) Well, I guess I’m just gonna have to enjoy this all by myself.

(1-) I can’t swim! (2-) You’re joshin me!

1) Everytime I look at your, you’re different. I’m loosing you too. 2.) I’m right here. 1) I’m sorry, I just wanted to keep you my little girl forever.

1) I can’t go without you. 2) You have to. 1.) I’ll come back for you. 2) Will you? 1.) Until we are together again, wake up with the dawn…I will love you until the day I die.

“1) You’re life is never the same, you were once child and you’re about to be a woman. 2) I don’t wanna die, is that wrong? 1) No human does, but it’s just part of the wheel, it’s part of being born, you can’t have living, without dying. Don’t be afraid of death, be afraid of the unlived life.”

“1)I wish this moment could last forever.
2) Forever? You wanna spend forever with me?
1) I do.
2) You know we could see the world together. We could do everything together. Have a million moments like this one and never, ever stop.”

“For some time passes slowly. An hour can seem an eternity. For others, there’s never enough.”

“How am I going to take you home when my feet won’t move from this spot. If I could die tomorrow I would do it just to spend one more night with you.”

“I’m gonna live forever, I’m never going to change. As far as I know, I’m going to be seventeen until the end of the world. It stops you right where you are…”

“People will do anything not to die and keep from living their life.”

“Perhaps we can spend eternity together.”

“She wasn’t sure what her journey might bring. But it was something of her own choosing.”

“We have to get them out.”

“You just don’t want me to have what you’ve lost.”

“You’re the first human I’ve ever met that I wanted to know the truth.”

Don’t be affriad living, be affraid of the unliv ed life

Don’t Be Afraid of Death, Be Afraid of the Unlived life… You don’t have to live forever, you Just have to live…. And she did!

Don’t be afraid of dying, be afraid of an unlived life.

dont be afraid of dying winnie, be afraid of the unlived life

hells empty all the devils are here

I want a knew name, one that isn’t worn out from being called so much.

I’m gonna be 17 until the end of the world!

Jesse Tuck: Winnie Foster! I will love you until the day I die!

Life is like a wheel…it keeps turning

Narrarator: For some, time passes slowly. An hour can seem an eternity. For others, there’s never enough. For the Tucks, it didn’t exist. Time is like a wheel, turning and turning, never stopping. And the woods are the center, the hub of the wheel. It began the first week of summer, a strange and breathless time when accident, or fate, brang lives together. When people are led to do things they’ve never done before. On this summer’s day, not very long ago, the wheel set lives in motion, in mysterious ways. It set Mae Tuck out in her wagon for the village of Treegap to meet her two sons, as she did every ten years.

Narrarator: Tuck said it to Winnie the summer she turned 15, ‘Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. You don’t have to live forver, you just have to live. And she did.’

Narrarator: Winnie Foster was to be sent five-hundred miles away to be educated, but what her parents didn’t understand, she only wanted to step just oudside her fence. So she did. What in these quiet woods should be so forbidden? Winnie had always sensed a mystery waiting for her there. It was a place so entirely different from what she knew. So far away from her tight pruned world.

Now don’t you wish he would have told you before you kissed him?

People will do anything not to die.

Tuck: Look around you, it’s life. The flowers, and trees, and frogs, it’s all part of the wheel. It’s always changing. It’s always growing. Like you, Winnie, your life is never the same. You were once a child, now you are about to become a woman. One day you’ll grow up. You’ll do something important. You’ll have children maybe, and then one day you’ll go out. Just like the flame of a candle. You’ll make way for new life as a certainty. It’s the natural way of things. And then, there’s us. What we Tucks have, you can’t call it living. We just are. We’re like rocks stuck at the side of the stream. Listen to me, Winnie, you know a dangerous secret. If people find out about the spring, they’ll trample over eachother to get that water. There’s one thing I’ve learned about people: Many people will do anything. Anything not to die. And they’ll do anything to keep from living their life. Do you want to stay stuck as you are right now, forever? I just want to make you understand.
Winnie: I don’t want to die. Is that wrong?
Tuck: No human does, but it’s part of the wheel, the same as being born. You can’t have living without dying. Don’t be afraid of death, Winnie. Be afraid of the unlived life.

What we Tucks have you don’t call living, we just are…like rocks stuck on the side of a stream

Winne Foster, I will love you, until the day I die!

You don’t have to live forever, u just have to live!

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