Movie Quotes from Tromeo and Juliet: Quotes from the movie Tromeo and Juliet

Act 2. The Ball and Tromeo’s agony of bliss. His balls be blue, young men prey take on this

Boofball. Dickbag. Peon. Freak. Cocksucker. Shithead, ratcatcher, geek. Loser, anus, fruitcake, lunk, fiddlefucker, dweeb, feeb. Cunt. Assfuck; ah, that one’s close to the mark. How ’bout guinea, schmuck, or pussyfart?

Daddy’s little crenshaw mellon

its raisenloaf! its like olive loaf, but there are raisens in it!..ahhhhgh! it totally blows my mind…here have a slice!

Son, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m black.

Son, in case you haven’t noticed…. I’m Black!

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