Movie Quotes from Trial and Error: Quotes from the movie Trial and Error

‘Engraved copper portraits of the great emancipator’? Aren’t they

–Put me on the stand.
–What am I going to ask you?
–One question.

–Your honor!
–Let him finish.

All the time in the world.

Charlie, I need you!

Gerry Spence?

Miss Garner! Control yourself.

Nobody breathe! I will have order in my court room!

Pleasin’ you.

Reading my heart.

Teach me tonight.

The defendent sold pennies for $17.99.

The defense rests! The defense rests! The defense rests! The defense rests!

This man is on drugs.

Too much of everything.

Turn me loose.

We all keep a little bit of ourselves hidden because if we didn’t, then we’d have to look at who we are – who we really are – and if we didn’t like it, we’d have nobody to blame but ourselves.

You know you missed your calling. You should have been an actor.

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