Movie Quotes from Trapped in Paradise: Quotes from the movie Trapped in Paradise

#1) the jury tells us that you are incapable of telling the truth #2) Well thats a lie!

1)Oh, did you want to talk to her? 2)Yes!!! I wanted to talk to her!

1)Who are you? 2)I’m Fred. 1)Flintstone?

1:you witch!2:I wish I were a witch cuz then i’d shove my broomstick right up your ass

Four lefts is a circle, you idiot!

Had no snow chains!

Say spill in aisle 3. Spill in aisle 3. Do you want to be sayin’ that for the rest of your life? no Ed I surely don’t. Then help me get that bag.

scalions, they’ve got scalions

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Trapped in Paradise’: Quotes from the movie ‘Trapped in Paradise’

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