Movie Quotes from Transporter, The: Quotes from the movie Transporter, The

I always say how a man treats his car, he treats himself.

I got sick of all my best efforts being turned into bullshit by the people who paid me to do them in the first place

I like it quiet in the morning.

I’m ex-military.

Maybe she’ll even learn to love me again someday. *Gunshot in the distance* Hrm…Maybe not.

Once we make a deal, the rules of that deal cannot be changed or renegotiated.

Rule number three: Never look in the package.

Rule number two: no names.


See what comes of breaking the rules?

Start over!

The deal was this far. No further. The deal is the deal. Rule number one.

Three men. 254 kilos. That was the deal.

Transportation is a precise business.

You don’t mind, I just conditioned the leather back there.

you’re like dog shit, you’re everywhere

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