Movie Quotes from Toy, The: Quotes from the movie Toy, The

#1 You Ass. #2 How many times have I told you it’s U.S.

–Are you crazy?
–Yes, but trust me.

–Tim O’Brien, toys.
–Jack Brown, windows.

1) Why did you stop? 2) My Dominos just went down!

Are you brown all over, Mr. Brown?

Eric, your too old to bath with another naked man…

Friends do not put fart pillows on each other’s chairs.

Hey jack I have an idear, wanna go fishing? Jack: What for fish !?!

I just want to be your friend.

it will be so great….great, great, great, great

Jackie Brown…That’s me!

No calls…Time is money.

NO, Wonderwheel, STOP!!

We sell everything.

What are you doing here you asshole?

You have to deal with reality.

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