Movie Quotes from Total Eclipse: Quotes from the movie Total Eclipse

1)I found it. 2)What? 1)Eternity. Where the sun mingles with the sea.

1: I suppose you think I’ve been just lying here all these weeks in a state of paralyzed sloth.
2: Well, not necessarily.
1: Well I have, but bubbling beneath the surface and rising slowly through the layers of indifference has come a new system. Harden up, reject romanticism, abandon rhetoric, get it right.

1: tell me you love me.
2: you know I’m very fond of you.

1: You changed have you? I’m here, in the wilderness. I offer you an architypal choice. The choice is between my body and my soul. Choose.
2: your body.
1: let the 98 wounds of our savior burst and bleed.

I have no intention of taking a job. My work is going far too well. I can’t afford to waste time earning money!

I have researched the magical shapes of the happiness no one escapes.

I understood that what I needed to become the first poet of this century is to experience everything in my body. It’s no longer enough for me to be one person, I decided to be everyone. I decided to be a genius. I decided to originate the future.

I used to think that what I did would make a difference, you know, change the world. That nothin would ever be the same again. But it’s no good. The world is too old and there’s nothin new. It’s all been said.

My only fear is that people will see me the way I see them

The only unbearable thing is knowing that nothing is unbearable.

The only unbearable thing is that nothing is unbearable.

There is nothing greater than congical fulfillment!

This is an entertaining number we haven’t seen this one before.

When I was young and golden, I thought all I needed was experience and I could create new colors, a new god.

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