Movie Quotes from Torn Curtain: Quotes from the movie Torn Curtain

–The heat’s on again.
–I’ll say.

–You’re a scientist, and you’re supposed to respect a natural order in all things. Breakfast comes before lunch…And marriage should come before a honeymoon cruise.
–You’re on the wrong boat.

Against all the evidence, Michael, I’d say you had a very unscientific mind.

Aren’t I of use to you anymore?


Gentlemen, I have the honor to present our American colleague, Professor Armstrong, professor of science and physics, University of Chicago.

Gentlemen, I must know about this Gamma Five work before I leave.

How does it feel to play the part of a dirty defector? I saw you on tv in town last night. You,uh, put on a good act.

I was able to combine mathematical logic with romantic inconsistency.

I wish very much to go to the United States of America. Unfortunately, it is necessary to have…friends there. How do you say – sponsor.

I’ve often wondered if you professional know what you’re looking for when you go in and steal secret papers.

It takes a scientist to pick a scientist’s brain.


Them religious books is in a hell of a shambles, Magda.

We will produce a defensive weapon that will make all offensive nuclear weapons obsolute, and thereby abolish the terror of nuclear warfare.

Welcome to Karl Marx University.

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