Movie Quotes from Too Hot to Handle: Quotes from the movie Too Hot to Handle

Boy, there’s a champion. She not only can give it, but look at her take it.

Come along, Rodney. I’ll not be insulted by an ill-bred stenographer.

For fifteen years, she’s bled the poor darling to death in name only. How she’s going to do it from long distance…

Hello, Gabby, how was that for pretty pictures? Listen, I’m coming, see. And when I do, I’m bringing Alma herself. Yeah, she’s a comic little dame who thinks she’s a man, flying around the world with grease on her face and her hands in her pockets. But maybe I could show her how it feels to be a woman. I’ll make her the darling of Union Newsreel, Gabby. A million dollar melon that you and the stockholders can split three ways.

I don’t distort the truth. I heighten the composition.

Send me shots of bombing … or send me your resignation.

Well, what’s this? I wait two weeks for a thousand feet of a big Chinese apple!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Too Hot to Handle’: Quotes from the movie ‘Too Hot to Handle’

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