Movie Quotes from Tom and Huck: Quotes from the movie Tom and Huck

1) I outta punch you in the nose. 2) (much taller than him, 2 steps up close to 1) You’re welcome to try. 1) (his courage failing him) Maybe later.

1) I thought we was friends, Huck! 2) I ain’t got no friends. I ain’t got time for ’em. But if I did have one, I’d want him to be like you.

Muff: Ah, houdy boys!

Tom: Hey Muff!

Muff: Where are you heading this harbor night?

Tom: We’re running away from home!

Muff: Ah, I used to do that all the time… until the home ran away from me…

Jo: Where did they go?

Muff: As far away as they could… Hehehe…

Tom: Come on!

[Tom, Ben and Jo runs to boat]

Muff: Well, don’t let me stop yeh… Hey, whem are you coming home?

Tom: Never!


Ben: Never!

Muff: Never, huh? [takes a sip from drink] See you tomorrow…

Tom: What are you doing down here?

Huck: Looking for jackasses.

Tom: Jackasses?

Huck: I found one, didn’t I?

A:Ready to put some gray hairs on your aunts head?
B:What do you got in mind?

And that map is in Injun Joe’s pocket.

I think the movie was cool and exciting!

I liked it very much!

tom: i oughta flick you in the nose
huck: your welcome to try

You should be somewhere dead and rotting right now.

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