Movie Quotes from To Catch a Killer: Quotes from the movie To Catch a Killer

–Is that you with Rosalyn Carter?
–Sure is. She was a great First Lady.

–Why do you want this guy tailed so bad?
–Put pressure on him.

–You want hime to know we’re there?
–Close surveillance.

…The words…Evergreen….Evergreen…

All these years being on the force, I still can’t believe there can be this kind of evil.

Don’t you know a clown can get away with murder?

Free will?

I want you to do an alpha check on Gacy for me.

Okay, call Chicago. See if they have a rap sheet on Gacy.

Trap door in the closet here.

Wanna see a handcuff trick?

We’re investigating the disappearance of Christopher Gant.

You got no respect for the dead.

You guys get away with murder.

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