Movie Quotes from Time Machine, The: Quotes from the movie Time Machine, The

…and sometimes you have to fight, even if you are afraid

Ãœber-Morlock: You think I don’t know you Alexander? I can look inside your memories, Your nightmares, your dreams. You’re a man haunted by those two most terrible words, What If?


Don’t go simple on me, George.

From 2002 Movie: I can go back a thousand times, just to see her die a thousand ways.

Hartdegen: I could go back a hundred times and watch her die a hundred ways.

Hartdegen: This is a perversion of every natural law!Ãœber-Morlock: And what is time travel?! But your pathetic attempted to try to control the world around you!

Hartdegen: Why can’t one change the past?Vox: One cannot travel into the past.


I don’t much care for the time I was born into. It seems people aren’t dying fast enough these days. They call upon science to invent new, more efficient weapons to depopulate the earth.

I have no desire to tempt the laws of providence.

I wonder. You know, that’s the most important question to which I hope to find an answer. Can man control his destiny? Can he change the shape of things to come?

I’d hoped to learn such a great deal. I’d hoped to take back the knowledge and the advancement that mankind had made. Instead, I find vegetables – the human race reduced to living vegetables.


Oh dont just stand there like fatted cattle!

Relax George….. try to relax….. you’ve all the time in the world…..

Relax George….. try to relax……. you’ve all the time in the world

That’s exactly what I do have, Filby…. all the time in the world

the future is always nonsense until it becomes the past


We all have our time machine, dont we? Those that take us back to our memories or those that carry us forward to–a dream.

THis is from the 2002 movie:
Sometimes we need to accept whats happening to us even if we dont want to and other times we have to fight–even if we’re afraid.

Time is infinite.

we all have our time machines dont we…. ones the take us back.. our memories… and ones that bring us forward…. our dreams

We have books…

We’d better hurry or the mushrooms will be sprouting.

Who are you to judge 800,000 years of human evolution?????

Would you like to see the full scall model?

Yes, they do tell me all about you.

You are the unscapable result of your tragedy as I am the unscapable result of you.

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