Movie Quotes from Time After Time: Quotes from the movie Time After Time

Every age is the same. It’s only love that makes any of them bearable.

I’d like a Big Mac, and order of fries, and…oooh, and tea, please!

It’s checkmate HG and you’ve lost again.

Just don’t expect miracles. I’m changing my name to Susan B. Anthony.
Let’s go.

Mankind lives in a cosmic charnel house , we hav’nt changed for two thousand years . We hunt we’re hunted , that is how it is , and that is how it will always be .

My name is H.G. Wells. I came here in a time machine of my own construction. I am pursuing Jack the Ripper who escaped into the future in my machine.

Ninety years ago, I was a freak. Today, I’m an amateur.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who’s run out of ideas.

Violence is contagious, like measles.

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