Movie Quotes from Tigerland: Quotes from the movie Tigerland

…and we’re all gonna fuck till the war is over.

Courage is when you’re the only guy who knows how shit-scared you really are.

Do you want these 14’s up your ass?!?

Don’t it strike you that same moon that’s shining down, that’s shining down on us here, that’s shining down on that little girl that’s my wife.
And it’s the same moon that’s gonna be shining down when they send us to the war, That it’s the same moon that’s shining down on those boys getting shot at. Don’t it strike you how each of us is a little bit of everything, and everything is shit.

Nobody saves anybody you stupid son of a bitch.

some guys say Bozz died in Vietnam,some say he just disappeared, but knowing Bozz he’d problably be pissed i was talking about him anyway

why do nt you go to canada? Bozz: What and live with a fcuking moose!?

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