Movie Quotes from Three Amigos!: Quotes from the movie Three Amigos!

#1-They are going to kill us. #2-I’ve been shot already.#1-I know. #3-What are we going to do? #1-We’re not gonna get paid, that’s for sure!

#1: What is it the people of Santo Poco do the best? (Long pause) #2: We can sew.

& she said: Young man, you…have… GOT IT

(1)heffea, do i have a plethora of pinatadas??

(Steve Martin gets shot off of his horse) Hold on … Hold on just a minute (Steve Martin walks over to an armed Mexican Bandit holding a gun) …Gun (the mexican gives him the gun and Steve looks into it and he looks inside it and pulls out a bullet) HEY! He used a real bullet!

(to a bush that is loudly singing ) Are you the singing bush ?

–I was thinking, later you could kiss me on the veranda.
–Lips wouldf be fine.

–We don’t have beer. Just tequila.
–What’s tequila?
–Uh, it’s like beer.

–Well, we’re just gonna have to use our brains.
–Damn it!

–Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.
–Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there.
–Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find…
–The Three Amigos!

-What are you going to do with your share, Lucky?-A car. A big shiny car. How about you?-New york…maybe paris-mmm-Gona be abig shot for a while.How about you ned?-I wanna start a foundation to help homeless children.-Well, i ment to do that.-Well i meant i was going to do that first and then i was going to get the car.

1) I’ll fill you so full of lead you’ll be using your dick as a pencil 2) What do you mean? 1) I don’t know

1) Let me prpare you for El Guapo . Tell me , do you know what fore-play is Carmen ? 2)No 1)Good , neither does El Guapo

1) Maybe you could kiss me on the veranda 2) No, on the lips would be fine

1)Which one do you like?
2) I like the one that’s not so smart.
1) Which one is that?

1- Can I have your watch when you are dead?
2- What did he say?

1-We can take a walk, and you can kiss me on the veranda. 2-Lips will be fine.

1. And…. 2. Jose!! 1. Together we…? 2. Burned the village!!! 1. And…? 2. Raped the horses!!! 1. And….? 2. Rode off on the women!! 1. And we…? 2. Pruned.. 1. Pruned.. 2. The hedges 1. hedges 2. of many small villages 1. of many small villages….who the hell are you??!!!

1. Looks Like there’s about 3 of them.

2. Perfect. Rodrigo said there would be 50 now there’s 3. I hope they aren’t trying to cut our money.

1. We’ll have three beers 2.) All we have is tequila 3.) What’s tequila? 2.) Is like beer 1.) Is it fattening? 2.) fattenings? 1.) Forget it if its like beer we’ll ahve some three tequilas!

1.) Do you know what the word Nada means? In all of those Mexican movies you made, did you ever hear that word? 2. Isn’t that a lite chicken gravy…. 1. It means nothing! Which is what you’re going to have when I’m through with you!

1.) What kind of place is that? 2. I think its a mail plane 1.) How can you tell? 2. Didn’t you see its little balls??

1.Jefe, would you say that I have a plethora of pinatias. 2.Yes, you have a plethora.

1.We could take a walk and you could kiss me on the veranda. 2.Lips would be fine.

1: I like the one that’s not so smart. 2: …Which one is that?

3 amigos: tell us we will die like dogs
El Guapo:…you will die like dogs
3 amigos: no we will fight like lions

and he called us scum-sucking pigs! US!


bar tender: are you the ~wink wink~. 3 amigos: yes yes we are. bar tender: we have heard of you! the german says to wait here. 3 amigos: o o ok well as long as we have some time to school i think we’ll order a drink

But Hefe, would you say I have a plethora of pinata’s?


Can I have your watch when you are dead?

Can i have your watch when you die

Come to Santo Poco, put on Show (STOP)
The infamous El Guapo

Dammit I forgot a line
– never pick it up!

Dear Amigos, you are very great. 100,000 pesos if you come to Santo Poco, stop. The Infamous el Guapo

Do you have anything beside Mexican food?

Do you have anything else besides Mexican food?

Do you know what nada mean?
Isn’t that a light chicken gravy?

El Guapo: I like these guys. These are funny guys! (to Jefe) Just keel one of theem.





GREAT! You’ve KILLED the Invisible Swordsman!!

Gringo’s falling from the sky!!

He’s not just famous, he’s INfamous

Hold it El Guapo! Or I’ll fill you so full of lead you’ll be using your dick for a pencil!

I like these guys. They are funny guys. Only kill one of them.

I suppose you could say that everyone has an El Guapo. For some, shyness may be an El Guapo. For others, lack of education may be an El Guapo. But for us, El Guapo is a large ugly man who wants to kill us!

I’ll fill you so full of lead, you could use your dick as a pencil!

If I have to come into that Cantina somebody’s gonna die!

In a way, all of us have an El Guapo to face someday.

In a way, all of us have an El Guapo to face someday. For some, shyness might be their El Guapo. For others, a lack of education might be their El Guapo. For us…El Guapo is a big dangerous guy who wants to kill us.

in spanish

infamous!!! if ur infamous it means your’e more then famou. this elguapo guy must be like more then famous

Isn’t that a light chicken gravy?

It will be a cold day in hell before an actor tells Harry Flugaman what to do!

it’s a male plane…. didn’t you see the little balls?

It’s a sweater!

Its a Sweater!

Jeffe, do you know what it is to have a plethora?

Jeffe, what is a plethora?


Kill Them!


Lip Balm?

Lucky: NOT SO FAST EL GUAPO, or I’ll fill you up so full of led, you’d be using your dick for a pencil.
El Guapo: What do you mean?
Lucky: I don’t know.
Jefe: I think he means that when you………
El Guapo: SHUT UP

Lucky: Oh, GREAT! You KILLED the Invisible SWORDSMAN!

my little buttercup has the sweetest smile, dear little buttercup wont you stay a while

Myyyyy little butter-cup has the sweetest smiiiiillle

Now, this guy ,El Guapo, not only is he famous… but he is INfamous.


Senor Dusty, can I have your watch when you are dead?

Sew old lady! Sew like the wind!

Sew very old one, Sew like the wind!!

Sew, old woman, sew! Like the wind!

SEW, very old one!! Sew like the WIND!!!!!

Someone’s been down here with the ugly-stick

Steve, crying: I’ve been shot already! Chevy/Martin?, crying: We know.

they called us scum sucking pigs, us!

This town’s getting too rough for me!

Trick photography! I was crushed!

trying to sound like a bird: Look up here,lllllloook up here,look up here!

Wait a second, lemme see that, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon. Oh great! Real bullets. You’re in a lotta trouble Mister!

We will not die like dogs! We will fight like lions!

we’re not mexicans, we’re from out of town

What is happening today? Are gringos falling from the sky?

Where there is suffering, we’ll be there!

Why don’t you tell them about the Cochese picture, Morty?

Yes u have a plethora jeffe wat is a plethora? y guapo? well u told me i have a plethora and i jus wud like 2 no if u no wut a plethora is i wud not like 2 thin dat a person wud tell some1 dat he has a plethora and find out dat dat person has no idea wut it means 2 have a plethora 4 give me El Guapo i no dat i jeffe do not have ur superior intelect and education but cud it b dat once again dat u r angry at somethin else and u r looking 2 take it out on me like wut jeffe cud it b bcuz u r turnin 40 today NO! cud it b bcuz carmen chooses 2 sleep in her cell instead of wit u?

yooohooo! where are you?

You scum-sucking pig! You son of a motherless goat! *whispers* Tell us we will die like dogs.

You see Jeffe! A Rose can bloom in the desert!

You shot the invisible swordsman!

You wan to die with a man’s gun, not a little sissy gun like that.

You were my favourite shtar or the silver screen!!!

you will die like dogs!….no we will fight like lions

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