Movie Quotes from Thomas Crown Affair, The: Quotes from the movie Thomas Crown Affair, The

#1: This is a black and white ball.
#2: That’s okay, I wasn’t invited anyway.

(1)May I ask you a very personal question?
(2)Why not?
(1)Would you like another hit of expresso?

(1)Point of entry was a hollow statue delivered this morning.
(2)Next you’re going to tell me it was a horse… a Trojan horse?
(2)Somebody’s got a sense of humor.

(1)What the hell?
(2)There’s guys with bowler hats…
(3)…All over the g.d. place.

(1)What, do you own the building or something?….what the hell? (2) He does own the building.

(1)You’re enjoying something. It’s not me. What is it?
(2)An entertainment.
(1)Very little entertains you. So I can easily guess. A worthy adversary?

–Are you okay?

–Do you play?
–Try me.

–I have appointments.
–Wanna keep ’em?

–I would let you in, but…
–But the world is watching.
–Besides, you haven’t got any furniture.
–Oh, that’s good.

–This must go over well.
–With who?
–With whoever you bring here.
–I never bring anyone here.

–What was it?
–Nice little Renoir…
–Oh, Renoir…Nice little copy?
–We’ll never know, will we?

1. Did you warn him? Did you warn him? 2. No. 1. Then he knew you were going to betray him.

A woman could trust me…as long as her interest didn’t run too contrary to my own.

A woman could trust me…as long as her interests didn’t run too contrary to my own.

Damn, I hate being a foregone conclusion.

Do you really think I am going to sleep with the man I am investigating?

Do you want to dance or do you want to dance?

Do you want to dance or do you want to dance?

do you want to dance? or do you want to dance

He’s sadistic! Who knew!

Here’s to the fear of being trapped.

I just like my haystacks Bobby.

I saw him wreck a 100,000 dollar boat because he liked the splash!

I was okay once. I found out my wife was cheating on me. I beat a suspect unconscious, fucked five women in three days, and drove my car the wrong way on an off-ramp. But I was okay.

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. What the hell else we’ve got to do?

It’s sad to see another tired man lay down his hand and quit the holy game of poker, thats the line danny….hes right you know…third generation company, you would think that would show more grit

Left early. Please come with the money…or you keep the car. All my love, Tommy.

Men make women messy.

Monet’s unknown masterpiece, Dogs At Cards.

Question. How do porqupines mate? Old Joke, very carefully or not at all. (He grins.) If you think you’ve found a female version of you and that you’re going to live happily ever after . . .

Regret is usually a waste of time, as is gloating.

Rich kids cannae box.

The Windmills Of Your Mind.

wanna see it?…wanna see it?…

What a funny, dirty little mind.

What was it? Were you bored?

Windmills Of Your Mind.

You look wonderful!

You pull another stunt like that… and I’ll break both your legs.

You really think there’s ‘happy ever after’ for people like us?

your not boring ill give you that

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