Movie Quotes from This Gun For Hire: Quotes from the movie This Gun For Hire

–Don’t you trust me?
–Who trusts anybody?

–The chemical formula…I think I know what it is.
–Gas…Poison gas.

Cats bring luck…I killed it, I killed my luck.

For ten percent, I’d dig up my wife’s mother.

I can’t stand violence.

I picked up a knife and I let her have it – in the throat. They put a label on me, ‘Killer,’ and sent me to reform school, and they beat me there too.

I’m my own police.

I’ve got you.

Live alone, work alone, ah?

My client is very grateful.

No mystery about me. Just a hick lawyer the voters got stuck with.

Now you see it, now you don’t

The war is everybody’s business.

Ugly people – blackmailers. Only one way to pay them off.

What’s the matter? You look like you’ve been on a hayride with Dracula.

You certainly pack an arsenal.

You talking to me?

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