Movie Quotes from Thirteen: Quotes from the movie Thirteen

1) so you just wanna go to the boardwalk and sell some shit? 2) i cant. im late for biology. we’re doin a play… and im the mermaid

1: looks like she grew up this summer. 2: no shit

brooke: …you may be a sweet girl tracy but youre really cruel. u lie, you cheat, you steal… tracy: oh my god are u kidding me?! who do u think taught me all that shit!? brooke: did she teach you how to hit too? dont even start ok ive seen the bruises. tracy: what the HELL did u tell her evie! brooke: do u want to see what she does to her…look at this mel. (shows bruises on head) tracy: what the fuck we were just goofing! (brooke: oh yeah.) tracy: she hit me too! brooke: and look at this..(tries to show mel tracy’s arm) tracy: no…dont u dare! (shows cut arm – tracy screams) brooke: she cuts. tracy: (sobbing) its none of your business u fucking freak! brooke: dont talk to me like that u cunt. mel: u know what…i think u need to brooke: come on evie. evie: who would wanna live in this fucking shithole anyway. it stinks in here mel!

brooke: she abuses her. she slapped her, hit her.
tracy: what the HELL did u tell her evie!
brooke: look at this (shows bruise)
tracy: what the hell?! we were just goofing!
brooke: look what she does.
tracy: she hit me too!

Chickens are kool- Brady

correction: its not brady that says it its mason (in the above quote)

eevie-want ya g-string down south

emily schuster is my bang buddy

Evie(singing): The itsy-bitsy spider dropped acid at the park

Evie: Hey! My friend wants to suck your cock…

Evie: How bout we make a Luke Sandwich?
Luke:Umm, how about youre jailbait?

Evie: You guys wanna buy some shit? Five bucks a hit

EVIE:hey mason move you g-string down south TRACY:Dude thats gross thats my brother

evie:im going out with k.k.
evie:what, do you want to come?
tracy:well, yeah
evie:its just going to be me and k.k., you know?

Guys, say hello to the butt.

He was crippled, but only his body was cracked, it’s not simple nor is it an easy matter to explain… let’s just leave it at that she says, and closes the holy book of lies she covers her eyes… denying to herself what she thought happened.

Hey, how about we stop submitting quotes that r already on there, and get ur fucking quotes right!!
*Bekah and Whitney*
(Tracy and Evie)

Hit me im serious i cant even feel anything!

i can’t even remember how to spell photographer.

i just wanted to say that you people don’t know how to submit movie quotes, you get it all wrong. go back and double-check your shit before you go postin it up here

I love you and your brother more than anything in the world, and I would die for you but I’m not going to leave you alone right now.

If everyone in the world married someone of a different race, after one generation, there would be no prejudice ~ Tracy

It’s not illegal to kiss.

like 2000 years ago i’m a mummy i was alive two thousand years ago

Make an effort, Bitch!

Mason: Mom, I need to talk to you. In private.
Tracy: Should we talk about how you get stoned everday with Rafe?
Mason: She knows I smoke pot, Tracy. God, look at your pupils! You’re so fucking busted.

Mason:Mom i have to talk to you…Privalty.Tracy:Humm Should we talk about how you get stoned in the basement every night with Ryan?Mason:Mom knows i smoke pot Tracy!Look at your pupuils your so Fucking busted.Tracy(Picks up a Hockey Stick and chases mason)Mason:Hit me tracy hit me youll go to jail you fucking slut!Tracy:MOM mason called me a fucking slut!!

Mel- Have you had anything to eat today?
Tracy- MOM, would you STOP with food thing already!!!
Mel- Fuck it. You don’t want me to cook for you anymore? Fine.
Tracy- Fine, I hate your nasty store-brand food anyway!!
Mel- GREAT!! Then I can stop doing twelve haircuts a day trying to pay for all this SHIT! You think I wanna be here?

mel: did u have anything to eat today
tracy: mom stop with the food thing already!
mel: fine. u dont wana eat my food?! fine then dont eat it.
tracy: fine! i hate your nasty store brand food anyway!
mel: good. then i can stop busting my ass trying to pay for all this shit!

mel: were u drinking?
brady: of course she was drinking! cuz shes always fucking drinking!
tracy: oh like you never had!

mel: what is that under your shirt.
tracy: none of your business.
mel: what is that.
tracy: dont worry about it.
mel: let me see. let me see (attempts to lift up shirt)
tracy: mom stop it! what is it with u and poking me! stop!
mel: (sees bellybutton ring) what the hell is that?
tracy: (quietly) its a belly button ring
mel: what..speak up i cant hear you
tracy: (louder with annunciation) its a belly button ring! how else can i say it i dont speak no other languages! oh and do u want to know what that is? (sticks out tongue, revealing tongue ring)that is a tongue ring

melanie: better tuck this in or someone will give you a wedgie

melanie: we’ll talk when he leaves. Tracy: …if he leaves…


nothing compared to these double cheeseburgers
2. shake it don’t break it bitch

See that? It’s like zen chicken.

shit you guys, i only brought ten bucks.

That slut aint got shyt compaired to these double cheeseburgers. Gurl-shake it dnt break it bitch!

The bus never came, and then it did.

Trace- Omg, since when does she have a ghetto booty
Evie- She stuffs you know
(friend) She will never have this cheeseburgers * shakes Butt*
Girl- Shake it, don’t break it bitch

Tracy – ROOOOAAAAAR I’m a LION!!!!!!!

tracy-i can model my new thong for you! Perfect for pooping on the go!

Tracy: All of a sudden Medina has a ghetto booty?
Evie: I think she stuffs
Astrid: That slut aint got shit compared to these double cheeseburgers {shakes ass}
Medina: Shake it dont break it bitch
Astrid: FUCK HER! {laughing}
{everyone laughs}

tracy: i have a question evie: what tracy: you never did anything with that crusty tattoo guy did you? evie: yeah he ate my pussy. tracy: OMG!! evie: im kidding, idiot

tracy: mason would you hurry it up in there! mason: just a minute! tracy: god what are you doing jacking off? mason: fuck you. mel: hey keep it down im with a client. tracy: mom i told u i was having a bad day. mason: (coming out of bathroom) u should have stayed with dad. tracy: what the hell did u say? mason: nothing. just something mom and dad were talking about. forget it

Tracy: mom i gotta pee! Melanie: well looks like you gotta hold it. Tracy: thats how you get bladder problems you child abuser! Melanie: aww how dramatic

tracy: mom i have to go to the bathroom.
mel: can u hold it a sec.
tracy: i cant hold it! thats how u get a bladder infection you child abuser.

tracy: mom you KNEW what was going on with all those clothes and shit!
mel: i didnt know it went that far!

tracy: mom youre dealing with this!!
brady: ya know what trace, youre just gonna have to lay of of her ok?
tracy: dont tell me what to do u fucking cokehead. youre such a loser.

tracy: mom…three strikes and youre out. how many times are u gonna let him fuck u over!

Tracy: No Bra, No Panties, No Bra, No Panties.

Tracy: No,no,no my mom will kill me!
Evie: She smokes.
Tracy: No shit, the same brand!
Evie: No shit?! (sarcastically)

Tracy: RAAAHHHRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a Lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy: so do you just wanna go to the boardwalk and sell some shit?
Astrid: sorry, i can’t were doing a play in social…i’m a mermaid.

tracy: what? none of that shit’s mine. mel: we found it.. tracy: what? speak up mom because i CANT hear u! brooke: don’t talk to your mother like that. she said that we found it in your room. in all your hiding places. tracy: jesus, evie. evie: i HAD to you don’t get it. tracy: oh i get it. and who the fuck do u think u r going in my room. brooke: youre lucky i was there before the cops. we’re just trying to help you honey. (throws money out on table) mel: how do u explain 850 dollars in your purse. tracy: what do you expect me to say mom…we jacked it ok! its not like your broke-ass has ANY money to give me. what happened when brady was in the hospital. you couldnt even pay the bills. no wonder dad left u, u didnt even finish high school! mel: we dont have a lot of money but we get along just fine u know we get a long just fine.

Tracy:Since when does Medina have a ghetto booty? Evie: I think she stuffs. Astrid:That sluts got shit next to these double cheeseburgers (shakes her butt) Medina:Shake it dont break it bitch. Astrid:Fuck her

Who let her out of the cabbage patch?

You don’t know how to kiss do you? Tracy: You want me to prove it to you LEZBO

You guys wanna get high? Four bucks a hit.

You wanna suck my cock?

You want me to prove it lezbo?

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