Movie Quotes from Thing Called Love, The: Quotes from the movie Thing Called Love, The

1)Linda Lou is that your face I see? 2)Well it ain’t nobody’s butt.

1)This check seems to be made out to selfish, arrogant dickhead. 2)Yeah, they’ll cash it. They know it’s you.

1. I need for you to stop talking now. 2. I need for you to stop playing me now.

1.How many beatles were there?
2.Three…….and Ringo

Blame it on your heart.

Heaven knocking on my door.

I can’t understand.

I don’t remember your name, but I remember you.

Look out Memphis City, cause i’m here now and I ain’t never leaving

Look out Music City, Cause I’m here now and I aint never leavin!!

Love never broke anyone’s heart.

Make the world go away.

Ready and waiting.

Standing on a rock.

That’s my song!

Until now.

What kind of love.

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