Movie Quotes from They Drive by Night: Quotes from the movie They Drive by Night

–Anything else?
–Yeah, but it ain’t on the menu.
–And it ain’t gonna be.

–Do you believe in love at first sight?
–It saves a lot of time.

–I ain’t got a wife.
–That’s not hard to understand.

–I always liked redheads.
–Red means stop.
–I’m color blind.

–If you touch me, I’ll call a cop.
–If I touch you, you’ll call an ambulance.

–Your liver must look like a bomb hit it.
–Well, you know what they say: live and let liver.

By the time I get home to my wife, I’ll be too tired to turn out the light.

Early to rise and early to bed, makes a man healthy, but socially dead.

If you get thirsty, come on in, I’ll give you a mickey.

That’s what I always tell my drivers. No telephone pole ever hit a truck unless it was in self-defense.

The doors made me do it!

We’re tougher than any truck ever come off an assembly line.

You couldn’t even afford the headlights.

You’re not marrying that cheap redhead…You’re mine…And I’m hanging on to you…I committed murder to get you.

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