Movie Quotes from Texasville: Quotes from the movie Texasville

#1) You are a sinner! Your wife is a sinner! Your kids fornicate and sell dope! #2) I never claimed to be perfect, GG.

Cheer up, honey.

City Of New Orleans.

Dancing In The Dark.

Highway Patrolman.

I wonder who else I could call that would hang up on me.

It’s not too smart to get too many women in love with you at the same time.

Just because I go lookin’ for trouble doesn’t mean I want any husband but you!

Material Girl.

No Surrender.


Today’s a beautiful day, and you’re ridin’ around with the two best-looking women in Texas.

What’s the matter honey pie, afraid I’ll woo your dog away from you?

You’ve put part of me to ease, but I haven’t heard anything yet to put my mind to ease.

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