Movie Quotes from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The: Quotes from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The


I Smell Bullshit

I smell bullshit!

I think we should drop off the body and get the hell out of here

I’m sorry, but nobody asked her to blow her head off in our van

I-I’m sorry. But how often do girls just blow their heads off in this shithole town?

It’s a possum, indigenous to the…*clank clank clank*…I didn’t do that…

Kemper, one more and we’re out of here. Kemper, please?-Morgan

No worse than the inside of that fucking store-Morgan

now we know what brains look like, kinda like lasagne

road don’t go there

Sherriff: “Hell, I like Skynard.”

suck my balls mr garrison

Sweeeeeeeet Home Alabama

there all dead

there’s a guy out there with a fucking chainsaw

Well, how would you like it if we just dumped your body out here?

what the fuck is wrong with you people?

You ain’t runnin nothin round here, boy…except your mouth.

You’re so dead, you don’t even know it.

Young man, what you do is your own business.

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