Movie Quotes from Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The: Quotes from the movie Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The

-You know me. I’ll believe anything.
-A train has been hijacked.
-I don’t believe it.

1/ I’m gonna die today… 2/ that’s entirely possible…

1/ What are you calling about?
2/ Ahhh.. Pelham, we need more time
1/ It is 2.24 Leiutenant, you’ve got 49 minutes left…
2/ Be reasonable, will ya?? We’re trying to cooperate with ya but we can’t if you don’t give us enough time to work with!!
1/ 49 minutes
2/ We’re dealing with City Hall here for God’s sake… you know what a mess of red tape that is??
1/ 49 minutes
2/ Look fella…. we know how to tell the time as much as you do but we aren’t gunna get any place if all you do is repeat *49 minutes*
1/ 48 minutes

1/ What do you want, Mr Green?
2/ Is everything ok?
1/ Will you go back and sit down?…. I do not want Mr Grey & Mr Brown alone with the rest of the passengers…
2/ Why? don’t ya trust ’em??
1/ Yes I trust Mr Brown…. I *do not* trust My Grey. I think that Mr Grey is an emormous arrogant pain in the arse who could turn out to be trouble… I also think that he is mad… why do you think they threw him out of the mafia???
2/ Ohhh terrrrrrrific!!!!

1/ What’s up, Zee?
2/ You won’t believe it.
1/ You know me, I’ll believe anything.
2/ A train has been hijacked.
1/ I don’t believe it.

1/ Who are you, where’s Lt. Garber?
2/ Even great ones have to pee

1/….. And right through here is our operations leiutenant Rico Petrone who on the weekends works for the mafia….. These are the directors of the Toyko subway, Rico…. Why don’t you tell these gentlemen about some of the exciting things that have been happening on the New York City subway system, Rico?

2/ Well, we had a bomb scare in the Bronx yesterday but it turned out to be a canteloupe……I’m busy Zac, ok?

1/_I once had a man shot for talking to me like that!
2/_Yeah well,… that’s the difference between you and me, I do my own killing

[last lines]___
1/ *sneezes*____ 2/_Gesundheit!

Come along, dummies… this way, dummies

Command Center calling Pelham One Two Three. Come in, please.

Goddamn it, Warren… this city (NY) hasn’t got a million dollars!!!

Grand Central Tower to Command Center. Pelham One Two Three’s in motion.

I don’t know, sir. People hate to get off in the middle of the tunnel.

I’m taking your train.

keep dreamin’, maniac!

Listen, Trainmaster. Your locomotive has been hijacked by a group of
heavily armed men.

Now, you’ll all remain seated, that means no-one is to get up

Oh, come on….. If I’ve got to watch my language just because they let a few broads in, I’m gonna quit!!!! How the hell can you run a goddamn railroad without swearing?!!

Oh, nothing. A train is down, it’s radio is dead, the power’s off, and it’s dumped it’s load. Besides that, everything’s ginger peachy!

Pelham One Two Three. What do you mean the train has been taken?
Are you the motorman?

put your pants on, al, we’re goin downtown

Screw the passengers … what do they expect for their lousy 35 cents…. to live forever!?!?

somebody down there knows how to drive a train. you dont pick
that up watching sesame street

This is a hell of a way to run a railroad!!!!

This is a hell of a way to run a railroad!!!!!!

walter matthau: take these monkeys downstairs for me willya?
japs: thank you very much, lieutenant!

We’re trying to run a city, not a goddamn democracy!

Well, we had a bomb scare in the Bronx yesterday. But it turned out to be a cantaloupe.

What do they expect for their lousy 35 cents …….. to live forever??????

What’s up, dude… haven’t you ever seen a sunset before?

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