Movie Quotes from Take the Money and Run: Quotes from the movie Take the Money and Run

‘Please put fifty thousand dollars into this bag and abt natural as I am pointing a gub at you.’

(Virgil)Do you know if it’s raining?

(Virgil)Gonna see Miss Liza. Gonna go to Mississippi.

(Written on a holdup note.) Stand still and abt naturally. I am pointing a gub at you.

A. D. Armstrong wanted all over the country for arson, robbery, assault with intent to kill, and marrying a horse.

After spending 15 minutes with her I knew I wanted to marry her……
After 30 minutes I had totally given up the idea of stealing her purse

Do you know if it’s raining outside?

Food on a chain gang is scarce and not very nourishing. The men get one hot meal a day: a bowl of steam.

I robbed a butcher shop. It was the best I could do. I got away with one hundred and sixteen veal cutlets. Then I had to go out and rob a tremendous amount of breading.

I’m going to be a pool-husler, Virgile tells his friends

Nobody’s gonna be wearing beige to a bank robbery. It’s in poor taste.

The prison hasn’t been built that can hold me. I’ll get out of this one if it means spending my entire life here.

Virgil complains and is severely tortured. For several days he is looked in a sweatbox with an insurance salesman.

Virgil Starkwell is tried on fifty-two counts of robbery and is sentenced to eight hundred years in federal prison. At the trial, he tells his lawyer confidentially that with good behavior he can cut the
sentence in half.

You know, he never made the ten most-wanted list. It’s ver unfair voting. It’s who you know.

You know, he never made the ten most-wanted list. It’s very unfair voting. It’s who you know.

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