Movie Quotes from Switching Channels: Quotes from the movie Switching Channels

1. Excuse me I gotta frisk you! 2. What are you talking a/b? 1. Scuse me sir thats the rules i gotta frisk u.

1. How could you send the man I love up in a glass elevator when you know he’s afraid of heights? 2. How could I know he’s afraid of heights..he’s so tall

1. How’s the language? 2. Well! Have I ever used bad language you wrotten son of a bitch!

1. In two weeks I will be a happily married woman. 2. I thought you were a happily married woman…it was Sully that was miserable. 1.That’s a good one Sikes, almost as good as your five part episode on sexual assault in the super markets. 3. Oooh low blow.

1. Mr. Berger objects to the use of the word ‘ass’, he finds it…smutty. *starts to laugh* 2. That’s all he got out of it?? *break into laughter*

1.That twinkie couldn’t fill my shoes with an extra pair of feet!2.OOH! Well at the moment that ‘twinkie’ is covering the execution of, Ike Roscoe! 3. Whose Ike Roscoe? 1,2. You don’t know who Ike Roscoe is? 2. His pictures only been in the paper everyday for the past six months.

1.Tickets? You already got the tickets? Why didn’t you tell me?? 2. Well, I didn’t think you’d be that interested.

1/ Haven’t you got something to do?
2/ You’re damn right I’ve got something to do, I’ve gotta get my fiance on a 3am flight because I’ve missed the 11 o’clock train
1/ Awww don’t blame yourself…
2/ I don’t blame myself, I blame you!

1/ How would you like to go to work for me, starting tonight!
2/ What would I do?
1/ Gain some fat, we’ll make you a movie critic

I have seen some low lifes in my business but you beat em all! The pimps, the ax murders, the hoodlums, the drug pushers, the rapists, the child malesters! But you! You are the worst, you are a worthless amoral munipulative bullying assho–*Cameras turn on* Good evening, this is Kristy Kollering with the SNN adward winning news.

I love her a staggering amount


Once he signed a reporter’s contract as Peter Rabbit.

So that’s what it’s like….to roll a car, at the East Cicero Stock car race track. For SNN news…this Kristy…Kristy…What the hell is my last name??

Sulley:I think my ex-wife is cracking up. Whaddya mean give her a vacation?*pause as Kristy laughs on air* Giver her a vacation.

The lead is, ‘Former investigative reporter slays ex-husband in TV studio’!

This evening 50,000 kazoo players from across America today will join in to play Dark Town Strutters Ball on the kazoo*snickers*…the president as you know is a former kazoo player, and may wish to join in. *Breaks into laughter*Wait a minute here, we’re doing a story about 50,000 kazoo players and the president of the United States?!

What do you do when you’re not pulling women out of a lake?

What the hell did you expect her to say ‘the alleged creep’? He is a creep!!

[Tagline] Tonight’s News…. Romance! Scandal! Intrigue! And that’s just behind the camera

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