Movie Quotes from Sweet Charity: Quotes from the movie Sweet Charity

Charity: Without love, life has no purpose.
Vittorio: Is that what you believe?
Charity: Sure. Everyone’s gotta have some religion, don’t they?
Vittorio: So your religion is love?
Charity: Well I’ll tell you one thing, I sure go to church a lot.

Cop 1: Find her other shoe, will ya? Cop 2: What’s it look like? Charity: It looks like that one.

Hey, Big Spender! Spend a little time with me.

Hey, big spender.

I’m a brass band.

If they could see me now.

If you could see me now.

It’s a nice face.

My personasl property.

The rhythm of life.

There ain’t no use flappin’ your wings, ’cause we are all stuck in the flypaper of life.

There’s got to be something better than this.

Where am I going?

Without love, life would have no purpose.

Wow, this place is sure full of celebrities. I’m the only one in here I’ve never heard of.

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