Movie Quotes from Suspect: Quotes from the movie Suspect

–He told his side of the aisle to vote their conscience.–That’d be a first.

–Type much?–The job doesn’t require much typing.

All right. If he did it, I’m gonna vote guilty. If he’s innocent, I don’t want that on my conscience.

Are you trying to get me disbarred?

Detective Purcell, you stated earlier in your testimony that homicides are usually committed by the most obvious suspect.

Do you know if Carl is right or left handed?

I spend all of my day with murderers and rapists.

Is this what we’ve become? Is the value of human life so cheap?

Jury tampering is a felony.

Justice Lowell is said to been despondent over failing health.

Miss Riley, either you’ll argue the merits of this case or I’ll excuse the witness.

Mr. Anderson, I am Kathleen Riley from the Public Defender’s office.

What are you, a detective now?

You realize you’re accusing the Deputy Attorney General of United States of murder?

You’re not above the law, Mr. Helms.

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