Movie Quotes from Support Your Local Sheriff!: Quotes from the movie Support Your Local Sheriff!

–I was raised up in Indiana.–Well, that could be either good or bad.

–It’s gold, Henry.

–Jake, how would you like the job as my deputy?–I’d hate it! Even if I lived through it, I’d hate it!

–Like you said ‘The law is the law and we have to face up to it sometime.’–When did I say that?

–She takes after her dear departed mother.
–Her mother is dead?
–No, she just departed.

–They didn’t use words like that in the third grade, did they?–How would I know? I didn’t get that far.

–Why, if I’d pulled the trigger the danged thing would have blown up in my face.
–Well, it wouldn’t have done my finger a bit of good either.

–You meaning whoever marries her gets the mine?–Shaft and all!

1) Pa, I thought you said we Danby’s fought our own battles? 2) I must have been thinking about another branch of the family

1.) You want me to tell Joe Danby that he’s under arrest for murder? What’re you gonna do after he kills me?
2.) Then I’ll arrest him for both murders.

Death to all tyrants!

Get out of my goldmine!

He put his finger in the end of your WHAT!!!!!!

I only know one way to shoot…and that’s to kill.

I took the bullets out of your gun Joe. You don’t want to seem to play it our way

Just no bars for the cells?

Of course, I don’t know anything about gold mining.

Spoil all your fun.

That’s what they call inflation.

We haven’t even struck any and already we’re fighting over how to divide it up.

Well, they got one up there at the library in Chicago.

Well, when you set out to clean up a mess, you don’t sit around and watch the mess get bigger and bigger.

What’s the mother load?

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