Movie Quotes from Super Mario Bros.: Quotes from the movie Super Mario Bros.

(After Mario and Luigi had been transpointed in dinohattan)
Mario:Where the hell are we? This is sound crazy,butt…this is cant
be manhattan!
Luigi:I dont know,i havent been manhattan couple weeks.
Mario:Must have been bad couple weeks…

(Daisy is kidnapped by Iggy and Spike.Mario and Luigi run,butt
Iggy and Spike are too fast)
Luigi:I gonna kill them!
Mario:O,no,you not gonna kill them if I got them first.i gonna broke every bone in their body, and then i gonna kill them!
I REALLY gonna kill them!

(Mario and Luigi try find job place.Mario looking it for map.)
Mario:Turn to left!
(Butt Luigi don,t turn left,he turn right)
Mario:I say turn left!What you doing?
Luigi:I don,t know why mario,butt i got feeling that we have to
drive this way.
(Luigi drive in to job-place)
Mario:It,s a mirracle!
Luigi:I tought you don,t belive miracles.
mario I mean it,s miracle we still alive.
Luigi:What,s the big deal we are where we want to.
(Mario and Luigi walking smilling,butt soon they see big,white car.)
Mario:Scappelli!They doing that to us again! Antoher lost job!

(Mario and Luigi walk in street)
Mario:Where ever we are,whe have to be very wery hungry,before we eat
somethin in here.

…I’m back!….I love those plumbers.

1) Anything can happen Mario you just gotta believe.
2) Oh I believe.. I believe that the rent is two months over due.

1: Hey, you must be the girls, the missing girls from Brooklyn!
2: Yea, except Angelica. She’s from Queens, but she’s all right.

1: This can’t be Manhattan.
2: I don’t know, I haven’t been to Manhattan in a couple weeks.
1: Must have been a bad couple of weeks.

1: What would you do without your big brother, huh?
2: I’d like to take a chance and find out.
1: Oh come on!
2: I was just about to ask her that.
1: You weren’t about to ask her nothing! You were gonna let her go!
2: Now she’s gonna think I’m a complete idiot.
1: Come on, you’ll impress her with your manners.
2: Well why’d you tell her that I suck my thumb, huh?

1: Wow, you mean there were dinosaurs here in Brooklyn?
2: Relax, L****. There used to be Dodgers here too.

But I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat anything with a face.

Do you know what I love about mud? It’s clean and it’s dirty at the same time.

He’s not going to kill us, he’s not that nice`

I got a feelin’, Mario! I just got a feelin’!

I want to be with you (jou)

It’s I pleasure to meet me.. err its a pleasure to meet you.. Do you eat?

Koopa) …and then you’ll all be de-evolved into…monkeys. ha! ha ha! ha ha ha ha ha! ha ha ha!
Guard) sir, sir…
Koopa) what is it?
Guard) The goomba’s are dancing again.

Koopa)See you later,alligator!

Luigi) Do you eat?
Daisy) Yea…
Luigi) Dinner?
Daisy) Sure…
Luigi) Tonight?
Daisy) Oh, sure I’d love to

Mario: Scapelii! Another lost job!

see mario i told you, and the fungus saved our lives.
mairo- my driving skills saved our lives.
luigi- no, it like we drove out of big nose and this giant booger caught us!!!!

So Luigi Luigi or Luigi Mario?

There’s this guy around here.. Kooper and he is looking for some princess.. guess none of us fit the bill

trust the fungus

We aren’t going broke Mario were already there.

We’d be done a lot sooner if your goons would stop harrassing us.

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