Movie Quotes from Suddenly: Quotes from the movie Suddenly

–But you’re FBI. The Secret Service is responsible for the safety of the President.
–We’re using everybody for this trip, Mr. Benson.

–You can take my word for it.
–I can’t take your word for anything.

And I don’t like giving anything away for free.

Codeword: Hangover.

Ellen, will you stop being a woman?

Grandpa was President Coolidge’s bodyguard.

I built a television transmitter in ’38 before you knew what television was.

I get it. They’re shipping the national debt through here in gold bars?

I’m no actor.

I’ve never killed a president before.

It didn’t stop…It didn’t stop…IT DIDN’T STOP!

Last war, I got a Silver Star.

Nobody leaves the house.

So long, Benny.

Suddenly, California.

The gun gives you the power of life and death.

We got just three seconds to nail the President.

You went out on a Section 8.

You’re a born killer.

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